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DevOps Engineer (Systems Administration)

Reaktor is certifiably one of the best places to work in the world. We create highly advanced technical solutions that solve our customers’ real-world business problems. We’re known not only for our professionalism and expert pedigree, but also for our close-knit culture that takes care of its own.

As our expert teams craft world-class services for our customers, it is the responsibility of our internal admin team to enable them to work as efficiently as possible. Our admin team does a vital job in enabling the growth of the entire company. We are now looking for a DevOps Engineer who can keep our systems running now and in the future and have the necessary technical chops in both server automation and cloud computing.

The scope of work in our admin team is varied and extensive. We help all the employees of Reaktor and therefore customer service is a large part of our work. In addition to solving everyday problems with hardware and software, we maintain our entire internal tech infrastructure from servers to workstations and peripherals. We take an extremely practical approach. If it makes sense to do things in-house, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll attempt to outsource as much as possible.

An ideal DevOps Engineer candidate is someone who:

  • wants to constantly develop and deepen their knowledge
  • will automate routine work as much as possible
  • is socially adept and able to work with our customers, both internal and external
  • has fluent language skills in both English and Finnish
  • is well-versed in the technologies we use. These include, but are not limited to: Ansible, Virtualization, Python, Ruby, Version Control (Git), AWS, Linux

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What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Good opportunities to influence your job
  • Responsibilities that grow according to your strengths
  • Diverse roles throughout your career (incl. client-facing consulting)
  • Very good benefits and work/life balance

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Meet our people

Eero is a full-stack developer who considers the very core of our expertise to be understanding humans. He thinks that talent is a common quality in the field of IT, but the people at Reaktor are set apart by a very specific one: kindness.

Timo is a graphic designer who reckons that the people best suited to become his colleagues really love what they do and want to get better at it. On the other hand, he also feels that the biggest challenge at Reaktor is to constantly stay on top your game.

Ellu is a make-it-happenizer, user interface design student and hobbymaniac. She thinks the coolest thing about of her job is turning technological solutions into services for humans.

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Think of the interview as a conversation, not an interrogation.

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What we believe in

Structures, contexts and businesses change as the may, but our spiritual foundations stay the same. These five entities are the cornerstones of our biggest asset: our culture.

Getting shit done

We focus on results. That means that we keep the ball rolling and are genuinely passionate about taking our clients’ businesses to the next – no, third – level. Concrete and tangible beats well-planned every time, because a working prototype is worth a hundred meetings. That is also why the client is always an essential part of the team.

Freedom and responsibility

Our teams direct themselves. That way, they have the power to make quick decisions and can react to changes fast. With great freedom comes great responsibility: we trust that our people know how to make good use of their time and the clients’ money. All reaktorians are devoted to both making projects succeed and keeping our business profitable.


We set our sights to year 2200. All our decisions are based on sustainable grounds – we are in this for the long run. Curiosity, experimentalism and iterations are in our DNA. We view our own work critically and are constantly willing to improve – both as individuals and as a company. Failures are regarded as opportunities to learn.

Boss-level community

Our company is a flexible network of top notch professionals. The best want to work with the best, and we encourage each other to succeed on a daily basis. Basically, we’re a community of people who want to make the most out of their skills by constantly learning new things. We work in multifunctional teams of technology, design and business experts.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously – our work speaks for itself. We like to pull positive stunts to surprise our colleagues, clients and the whole industry: take HWO or Kids’ Code School, for example. Djuizzz is the character that make us special, bold and just a tiny bit twisted. We behave in a way that reflects our driven attitude and healthy self-esteem.

Hello World Open

Sometimes trying is the best way to figure out if something works.

For example Ville had an idea of a coding championship challenge a couple of years ago. Something that would connect the bright minds of coding in a fun way and something that nobody had done yet.

He pitched it to our CEO Vesa in order to get some feedback and backing. Vesa was a bit unsure whether to do it or not. The idea of being responsible for someone else’s idea was a bit troubling.

Ville decided to prove that the concept would be worth pursuing. He started contacting potential sponsor candidates. Luckily Supercell shared our vision and joined us in the challenge. From that point everything started coming together spontaneously.

The first ever Coding World Championships – Hello World Open was held in 2014. The event was even more successful than anyone had expected with over 4000 participants from over 90 countries.

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