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RT @ReaktorBP: Oil on canvas, Photoshop, pencil – your choice! Win tickets to Breakpoint with your self-portrait. #art #design

RT @semilia: Whoa, just finished the #ReaktorHunt and that was fun! Reminds me of the book “Ready player one” by Ernest Cline.

RT @vhimberg: 2015 @ReaktorNow: Software architect and sales guy arquing heavily over #typography, fonts and kerning while in a taxi. #firstworldproblems

RT @SimoAhava: @ScrnsvrNinja @ReaktorNow Dashboards often end up being for vanity alone. Powerful and simple enough query interface is far more important.

10 Truths About Data told by @SimoAhava: Good read for preparing to @ReaktorBP #measure #data
RT @akisaarinen: Teaching prototyping and how to get started in programming at @TECHLABPAAK today by @ReaktorNow, thanks everyone!