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RT @Juergen_Muench: I will give a talk on “Continuous Experimentation“ at @ReaktorNow HQ in #Helsinki on March 13, 1pm. #prodmgmt #productmanagement
#ux #N4S_fi

RT @samililja: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave" Introducing self-organized teams @ReaktorNow Certified #Scrum Master training.
RT @simula77: Uusia reaktorilaisia @ReaktorNow

RT @zvona: @teroterotero @ReaktorNow Next step could be a possibility to offer a drink to a beautiful lady just by pressing the button.

RT @teroterotero: Finnish UX genius by @ReaktorNow – order a beer by pushing a button on the wall, without saying a word to waiter